Scene One takes place on a gorgeous red bed and I am using my red G-Twist vibrator. I am wearing my favorite tight leopard print dress and my red 7 inch heels. This scene has a lot of me spitting and titty fucking my silicone toy.

Scene Two takes place in front of a window in Los Angeles. I am wearing a black fishnet bodysuit, black gloves, a sparkly necklace and earrings. The gloves and jewelry make this ensemble super elegant in my opinion. I am playing with a huge purple translucent dildo and once night falls, the toy glows!

In Scene Three I am on a lovely wine colored vintage couch. I am wearing a pretty black lace bra with pink trim and panties that match. I use a glass toy that is also black and pink and coordinates beautifully with my outfit. I have a very intense orgasm with this smooth glass toy.

Scene Four takes place in a Downtown fire escape. This scene is my favorite because it is super voyeuristic, and glitchy. It reminds me of the movie The Ring, but in a sexy way. I think the ghosts in this old building were watching, perving out and had to make their presence known. My legs and arms get dirty from the build up of grime in this rarely used space. I also pee (you know I love my pee) and you can hear the stream hitting and splashing on the floors below me. The sounds of the city also provide the perfect soundtrack to accompany the buzz of my vibrator.

Scene Five is the final and most intense of my orgasms. I am wearing dusty blue lingerie and sitting on a delicate gold chair. My pigtails add a cute touch and match the pink and red door I am sitting in front of.

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More info:
Muse: April Flores
Camera Director: Carlos Batts
Music: HustlePUNCH, Jung Hollywood

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